Embraced life,
clasped joy
smiled for
their sake
never fake
loved only true
A hint of black
sometimes blue
Hugged pain
hurled by fate
exchanged hurt
by mistake

Yet something was left missing

human charade
kept moving
trails beyond
never knew
how to retrace
empty steps…

something was left missing

like last day
cunning play
drops of patience
which burnt
like the sea
in surrender
for time
to take the lead
waited for
rising sun
to hear symphony
of the breeze
waited with
bated breath
for every sorrow
to cease.

But something was left missing

Reached for
the stars
yet jailed beats
behind bars
locked out
the world
as emptiness
turned away
sealed lids
cupped rivers
for tears
to keep
then dried
to stone
tearing moan…

something was left missing…..

As the sun set,
shadows faded away
but where ended
the silhouette play
the journey of darkness

Sometimes darkness makes us see things more clearly, if the inside of the heart lights up.


The Eternal wait….

Along the edges
of her modest dreams,
she spins
the purity of sacred love,
as the gentle zephyr sings
the songs of an Indian touch,
She exudes the perfume
of sweet plumeria
and a tender touch
of raw cardamom mix,
Long dark silky tresses
tamed by jasmine fixed,
The colors of her sari spreads
into the blush
of a vermilion bride
Her shivering simple shyness
her blooming heart which
Bright sprinkles
of a poet’s brush
swish ballet
for her eyes
stuttering to capture
the moment when
black diamonds cry,
a mystic shroud encircles
sliver of kajal on her lids
the antonym of doubt
in all innocence she lives.
Floats she like a wave
as if reaching for the moon
and the fullness of it’s glow
pines for the aura of her bloom.

She sits at the lonely station
peering straight at the tracks
laid so silently to rest,
continuous parallels
break her heart in cracks,
Two stubborn lines
run a restless marathon,
the destination lost
myths of a meeting-point wrong.
The wait is ceaseless
as she longs in her solitude,
train after train
to de-hypnotise her prelude,
for the dawn of that face
she still feels but cannot touch
as ever so helpless in fate’s clutch.
She waits and waits and waits…
for her soul mate who had to leave
to the call of duty,
and forbidden was she to grieve
He would not come, he would not come…
and it had been
so many empty months,
But how could she not wait?
And keep waiting everyday
For he had made a promise
to fulfill everything said.
It was the vow of a soldier
and she breathed each day for this
for her groom to return
like not a second had been missed.


This Letter….(A wife to her husband)


Decided to share again…..

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This letter….

Is not just a letter…..

I have written each word

With the strings of my heart

On the pages of my dreams

For the echoes of my soul

To ring clear in your being….


This letter…..

Is not just a letter…..

I have sealed each word

With the kisses of the light

That shines from my dreamy eyes

To give a glow to your soul

For wistful memories to behold….


This letter…..

Is not just a letter…..

I have written my heart

With my silver-lined dreams

For you to feel through the pages

The rythmic beat of my life

To feel the perfume of proximity

Flow through the musty air

And make you feel alive….


This letter

Is not just a letter…..

I have stolen from the sky

The bright stars it adorns

And stitched them on each page

Of  the memories now worn


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Another blessed month of Ramadan Knocks our doors…..Praise be to Allah!

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“(It was) the month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Qur’an, a guidance for mankind and clear proofs for the guidance and the criterion (between right and wrong). So, whoever of you sights (the crescent on the first night of) the month (of Ramadan i.e. is present at his home), he must observe sawm (fast) that month.” – Al-Baqarah 2:185

Like heavenly petals

of sweet lilacs

showered from Allah

The holy month descends

as a charitable blessing

to cleanse and perfume

our rotting souls

and wash off sins

layered onto our hearts

as foul, blackened ice

freezing like a curse

to teach us self-restraint

and master discipline

Develop empathy in our souls

for poor who cannot feed

to wring out like filthy water

all-consuming desire

that rages inside us

like ravenous fire.



A time of piety

wherein souls

block out greed

of this tortured world

Reach out beyond…

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Malkah…….a fairytale


The silver moon
seeing her celestial beauty,
as she slept
silent like a dream,
The flickering stars
peeping through
the window,
Her face shone
like heavenly beam,
Curls that fell
on her face-
moon stitched
with pretty lace…
The plump, luscious
cherry lips
Honey, rose
and bee-kissed,
turned dreams around
as fairies envied
Like royalty
Like a queen
So delicate
So pristine….



He came to her
and whispered-
Spread his magic carpet
of roses and fireflies,
anchored her feet
over his hands-
“Never lower them
my queen,
On this dull land..
Only flowers may kiss them
and clouds and breeze
give glow-worms a chance
A moment to seize…. “



Off they flew
into the blue shawl
of the night,
stitched with
splendid stars
so bright,
And everytime
her dark tresses turned,
Majestic black
blushed the sky,
They surfed the galaxies
Floating around
every winking star…
He sliced a crescent
from the moon,
And crowned her
as the Empress,
Blew fireflies
around her neck
to create a twinkling
Flicked two stars
which clung her ears
honoured to earring
She protested, “Been simple,
i don’t wear any”
But he shushed,
“These befit thee…”



Golden, sweet melody
Fairies began to sing,
in enchanted ecstasy
songs of sufis and kings,
A kingdom of fantasy
As destiny brings….

“Who are you?”
she asked,
in her bell-like voice,
As the cuckoos basked
in his glorious choice,
“Your Prince!
the one you had prayed for
to the great God above
Engaged you were to me
before the dawn of love…
Yes it’s taken time
Perhaps way past the prime,
But here i am for you
As time has willed it too.

Then he slipped
the brightest star
into her finger fragile,
“Can i keep you forever?”
whispered in her ears-
“Soulmates we were…in exile.”

Malkah and her Prince


The End

One year Anniversary!!!

I didn’t realise it at all ! If wordpress hadn’t reminded me i wouldn’t have known!  It’s a full one-year since i started this blog. I still can’t believe it. One of my most personal and treasured efforts which came into being out of nothing…..zilch….sifar (zero).  All this energy of emotions, within me, struggling to burst out and there it was before i knew it.

This blog was one of my most unplanned ventures. I feel i surprised myself in everyway.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my wonderful readers and fellow bloggers without whom…my world of poems would be lonely and anonymous.  All of you taking time out to read my poems and comment on them….means the world to me. Thankyou so much a million times over.


I am sorry that i have been very busy and not able to read most of the blogs i admire, though i have been trying hard to take time out……plus my frequency of posting poems too has come to an all time low. Will try my best to post off and on….and visit all the amazing blogs.

On my blog’s one-year-anniversary, i would like to share two things….

1. I thought of closing down my blog several times…..giving up on it. But something kept me going…

2. A quote i read today  and it means a lot- “The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind”- Carolyn Mysss

An answered prayer




Perhaps you were birthed

from a tear that left my


each time I raised my hands

in prayer,

and the shivering soul

in the remotest corner of my body


Perhaps my dua reached

where I couldn’t,

and the season of our meeting

had reached it’s


as soon as the season

of our individual, dilapidated sorrows

had exhaled it’s ultimate breath sans


and the entire purpose of fate

throwing us against the edge

of deepest


was to create a path

to merge our throbbing


into unity of destiny,

and perhaps to make us

conscious enough

to overcome the hurdles

of worldly, domesticated boundaries

that only questions and demarcates…

Perhaps this was always how

it was meant to be

and how do I explain

the things I went through

on my way to you?

Walking on the flames of pain

where darkness hugged,

 tears kissed

and sleep stayed frozen awake

in the coldest, stoned nights

through missed

ectopic beats,

where screams lay trapped

jailed inside claustrophobic mind

where the origin of own light in eyes

burnt you trembling blind

A long journey it’s been

forcing against the storm

of doubting humanity and hearts

who said I won’t find you

And look, you stare back at me now

smiling :)

Suffice to say

you still feel like a dream

But my cognizance whispers to me

“This is an answered prayer”.



dua- (urdu language)  Prayer

ectopic- misplaced



“Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul”- Mahatma Gandhi