Abandoned to the garbage bin,

With mosquitoes and insects

eating it’s tiny fingers away,

Little baby crying for help

as foul smells make it’s play,

irradiating from disposed bacteria.

Unheard shrieks of the baby’s hysteria

die in eerie silence of the night,

“An outcast of destiny”

It’s labored breath

racing in quick gasps

forced lonely like crap

with cyanosed lips

sea-blue nose and finger-tips,

It’s tattered and torn dirty wrap

make it shiver in freezing grasp.

A filthy black cat

edges on to the holed bin

searching for easy rats

And finds it’s food

tearing at the babe’s hair

with their sharp teeth

gnawing at it’s ears

to complete their feed,

As the cat jumps in

with a screeching meow

the rats let loose

a clicking squeak

A bloody chaos ensues,

The only sin of the infant-


This goes out to the little babies…..innocent, tiny, tender souls who have been abandoned by their families…their parents. There are so many babies found abandoned in trash cans and garbage bins on the streets in India for no fault of theirs. Few are saved but most die a painful death crying into the cold night . Doomed to death even before they could learn to live. I know I have painted a very grim and dark picture yet it doesn’t do justice to their tragic state. This was personally a very difficult poem to write.

Dowry Death ( The story continues….)

She wraps shyly

in her delicate beauty,

wearing her red bridal dress,

Anxious joy makes her glow,

blush like a rose caressed.

Unaware of plots and plans,

Unknown to the aggressive future,

Like a peacock she wishes to dance,

Encompass unsealed moments in sutures.

The drama starts without warning……

As her mom-in-law sniggers with contempt,

Rebuking her dresses and jewellery ,

Calling her parental gifts- “cheap attempt”

The sisters-in-law add fuel to fire,

Make fun to their heart’s desire,

They steal all her dresses and gifts,

Unconcerned if anything fits.

She is statued in shock,

As she holds back her tears,

As if pushed to dark ages,

It kindles her sleeping fears.

Her husband basks

in a unique turpitude,

Her heart trips in turbulence

with his arrogant attitude.

He strictly breathes in her ear

“Keep your jewellery in my mom’s locker

and hand over all your keys!

My family is now the owner

of your possessions ……..

They will use it as they please.”

Meekly and silent she obeys,

Unbeknown to further aggrieved days……

She thirsts like a deprived bird

for her husband’s unrequited love,

Her in-laws’ infinite demands increase,

As they become a persuasive tease.

They ask for cash, even gold,

Merciless,forever cold.

As months turn to burning years,

Not a soul knows her ascending tears,

As the beatings and violence start,

Stab craters in her heart.

Her parents forced to pay the debt,

As their daughter the boy had kept,

The bleeding torture doesn’t cease,

as they prove too hard to please.

As greed doesn’t have a rival,

The story ends in destined fate…….

Like monsters they flame her alive,

And murder and sin sans regret…..

She chars to ashes as they stare,

Her innocence proved

too dangerous to bear…..

Too dangerous to bear

Too cheap to care

Too easy to dare

Too damned unfair




Dowry (Poem on Dowry)

She hears silent

through the curtains,

As the boy’s family

strike a deal…..

She can breathe in

her parent’s strain,

Unaware of the decadence that she feels.

They disrobe their shameful face,

As they ask for money with disgrace.

They sell their son to resume trade,

As all moral values slowly fade……

“How much can you give

if we honour your daughter

with our son’s hand ?”

Their modus operandi continues….

their son a priceless brand.

“How many rupees can you pay

to sign a deal for the wedding day?”

“Rupees ten lakhs is just tooo less…”

She swallows the mockery and bitter taste.

“Our son is worth atleast twelve……..”

Retarded transaction lengthens like spell.

Her eyes burn with tears unshed,

As she fights internally for self-respect,

Shocked at the scandalous show

with morality stooping to an all-time low!

They beg for money like forced alms,

Those shameless beggars decorate their sham,

Sometimes make it sound like need,

Like blazing fire spreads their greed.

They surrender their own self-respect,

Naked they commercialise their trait…

The boy sits dumb

Like death of male gender,

He needs to be gifted bangles

and returned to sender.

True businessmen that they are,

Some ask for flat and a car…….

They should open shop

to sell their boy,

Price-tag every

human toy!

Mannequin them in

jeans and suits,

watches,perfumes,tuxedos and boots.

The tragedy of their ignorance strikes,

They also have daughters

and wives………

Never will they comprehend Karma

as it slowly weaves,

To teach them….

‘What you sow, so shall you reap!”

What is Dowry….??????

In Indian marriage, Dowry is money or property brought by a bride to her husband’s home.It is more of a “gift” given by her parents to use at her husband’s house after marriage. Legally it’s her property. But in tody’s scenario it is the groom’s family that demands gifts and money as “dowry” in order to accept the girl’s hand in marriage.They put a price or estimated value of their son according to the boy’s degree,qualifications and job….in short, they price-tag their sons and sell them. So, a girl can’t get married without paying a certain amount of money, property or jewellery to the boy’s shameless parents.It’s quite a trade….an ‘only profit’….’no loss’ transaction.The poor girl’s family has to fulfill all their demands, prepare for a lavish wedding and treat the boy and boy’s family like royalty  to feed their lust and greed. I would say it’s more of “ransom money”….pay up or we will cancel the wedding!

In reality, they are beggars begging for forced alms to make their household richer as they themselves didn’t have the capacity to earn enough money to satisfy their greed  for materialistic things.. Now, it exists as a social evil that is becoming increasingly difficult to uproot!

I would like to appeal to young men of today’s generation to stand up against it! C’mon guys….don’t sell yourself as a commodity! Have some shame….some self-respect. Don’t wear bangles…Stand up and say a BIG, HUMONGOUS NO to Dowry!